PACO Hot Selling Automatic Voltage Stabilizers/Regulators 5000VA Manufacturer Price

Short Description:

Model: MFD-5000W Digital Display

·Power: 5000VA

·Technology: CPU based digital Circuit + Transformer

·Input Voltage: 120-260 VAC / 80-140 VAC

·Input Frequency: 50/60Hz

·Output Voltage: 220 VAC / 110 VAC

·Output Precision: +/-10%

·Delay Time: 6 secs. / 180 secs

·Efficiency: 98%

·Phase: Single phase

·LED Digital Display Status: Input voltage / Output voltage

·High Voltage Protection:Yes

·Low Voltage Protection: Yes

·Overload Protection: Yes

·High Temperature Protection: Yes

·Circuit protection: Circuit Breaker

·Smart Cooling System: Yes

·Safety Standards: CE, EN 60335, EN 61000

·Operating Temperature: 0~40℃

·Storage Temperature: -15℃~45℃

·Operating Relative Humidity: 10%RH~102%RH

  • Min. Order Quantity 500 Pieces/Model
  • Sample Testing Welcome to order for testing
  • Machine Size(mm): 390×215×260
  • N.W.(Kgs): 12Kg
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     Automatic Voltage Stabilizer – digital display  5000VA
    Wholesale single phase 220v ac 5000va voltage regulator stabilizer

    1.We are the specialized manufacturer of Automatic Voltage regulator/stabilizer for 20 years.We have practiced and abundant manufacture experience.
    2.Our products were certified by CE/CB/ROHS/ISO. Very environmental and popular in Africa,Australia,Russia,South and southeast Asia,South America and so many the other countries and areas.
    3.Our Automatic voltage stabilizer/regulator have a wide range voltage regulation from140-260v ac/80-140v ac.
    4.LED Indicators with Input and Output Digital display
    5.Shortage circuit and overload&Surge protection
    6.Digital Circuit+Transformer
    7.CPU Control


    ΔCompany Information:

    l- Established in 1986, a professional manufacturer specializing in electrical appliances.

    l- 30-year professional Factory Manufacturer in Zhongshan, China.

    l- Product Range: Power Invertor, Automantic Voltage Regulator, Battery Charger, Converter and Solar Change Controller.

    l- Certificate: ISO 9001-2015,GS certification, CB certification, etc.

    l- 6-Year Alibaba Golden Supplier.

    Wholesale single phase 220v ac 5000va voltage regulator stabilizerWholesale single phase 220v ac 5000va voltage regulator stabilizerWholesale single phase 220v ac 5000va voltage regulator stabilizerWholesale single phase 220v ac 5000va voltage regulator stabilizerWholesale single phase 220v ac 5000va voltage regulator stabilizer

    Wholesale single phase 220v ac 5000va voltage regulator stabilizer

    ΔPackaging & Shipping:

    1. Cargo carton or depends on customer’s request.

    2. 40-45 working days upon the receipt of deposit

    Wholesale single phase 220v ac 5000va voltage regulator stabilizer


    1.What is AVR?
        AVR is an abbreviation of Automatic Voltage Regulator, it is in particular referring to AC Automatic Voltage Regulator. It is also known as Stabilizer or Voltage Regulator.
    2.Why install an AVR?
        In this world there are many places of power supply condition is not good, a lot of people are still experiencing constant surges and sags in voltage. Voltage fluctuation is a major cause to damage of home appliances. Each appliance has a certain input voltage range, if the input voltage is lower or higher than this range, it caused a definitely damage in the electricity. In some cases, these appliances just stop working. The AVR is designed so as to solve this problem, it is designed to have a generally wider input voltage range than normal electrical appliances, which increase or suppress the input low and high voltage within the acceptable range.
    3.When the switch is turned on, why AVR can’t start the work?
        It is possible caused by: 1) Improper connection, there might be loose contact from the AC mains and or from the AVR to the appliances; 2) overloading, the power capacity of the connected appliance exceed the stabilizer maximum output power. Usually in this case, the fuse will blow up or the circuit breaker will trip off; 3) Different frequency between the AVR output frequency and the frequency of the electrical appliance. Therefore, 1) make sure that the utility power is properly connected to the AVR and the AVR to household appliances; 2) ensure that AVR is not overloaded. 3) make sure the AVR output and loaded appliances in the same frequency range.
    4.All instructions are displayed normally on the AVR, but why the AVR has no output?
        This may caused by the output circuit failure. And it should only be checked by a qualified electrical appliance repairer.
    5.When you switch on the AVR, why the LED lights display “unusual” ?
        This may be caused by the following reasons: 1) high or low input voltage exceeds the AVR input voltage range; 2) high temperature protection; 3) circuit failure. Therefore, we should 1) wait until the input voltage return back to the AVR adjustment range, 2) switch off the AVR and let it cool down, 3) bring to the service center for repair.
    6.Why does the AVR immediately trip off when it is switch on?
        If the AVR immediately trip off, it means that the loading capacity must exceed the fuse amperage or circuit breaker amperage; in this case, you need to reduce the load, or use a larger capacity of the AVR to power the loaded appliance.

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