Business Notice from LIGAO ltd.

Dear Vatued Customers:
    Great thanks for your always trust and support. Due to the escalating costs of
raw materials and weak-performance currency rate nowadays, it’s regret to inform
that the quotation of our products will be raised.
    It’s out of expectation on the higher raising of the cost of the raw materials, such
as silicon-steel sheets, matel materials (iron, aluminum, copper etc.), lcs, pcB, and
plastic parts. We have made every attempt to avoid the increase by negotiating with
our supply base, while successful in avoiding even higher costs, we were unsuccessful
at eliminating adjustments altogether.
    ln order to maintain a sustainable business model that delivers the quality you
have come to expect and deman d, 18% of the quotation for AVR products, and 13%
for other products (including inverters, battery chargers, converters etc.), will be
increased, from Maj’ch 01, 2021, based on the current price for all of our goods.
    As always, thankful to the business you place with us and appreciate your kind
understanding regarding this necessary course of action. ln the past, we have been
cooperated successfully, and we are full of confidence that we will make a brighter
future together as well.
Best regards

Post time: Mar-03-2021
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