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Featured Products

PACO Môtô fiara avo lenta MEC 8-sehatra Power CE Rohs Lead Charger Battery Acid
PACO 4 Stage Lithium Battery Charger Ho an'ny scooter elektrika DC DC & MPPT Solar Charger 25Amp.
China New Product mitokana 20A DC-DC Converter 24V hatramin'ny 12V ho an'ny scooter elektrika
2020 Môtô fiara avo lenta 8-dingana Power Ce Rohs Lead Acid Battery Charger
OEM Factory ho an'ny 300w 12v 24v novaina Sine Wave Power System Off Grid Inverter miaraka amin'ny USB
Factory Ambany vidin'ny Mingch Tsd Series Wall napetaka 1500va Single Phase Stabilizer
Mpanamboatra vidiny ambany indrindra Ac 220v 1500w Elektronika voltista mpandrindra manemotra ny fiasan-dàlana miasa
8 Stage 12V 20A automatique lithium LiFePO4 mpanamboatra bateria CE CB ROHS
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LIGAO (ZHONGSHAN) ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CO.,LTD is one of the most specialized manufacturers of electrical appliances with over 20 years of experience.

Our company managed to offer products with high quality at competitive prices. With design, exploitation, and production connectedly flowing into our operation procedure, we win trust from our customers.

We have onducted by ISO9001 and gain with CB, CE, RoHS and E-mark approvals, we devote substantive fund and energy into importing and developing advanced produce lines and testing technology for quality products, which achieves high reputation from all our customers.

We never stop developing new products. And OEM orders are also welcome.


Video of Company Introduction:

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