Why we need to use voltage regulator?

•The voltage stabilizer is a device that makes the output voltage stable. This function can help the machine in a smooth working condition. Let us think about it. If the voltage is unsettle all the time when we are watching TV or using computer, the image of the screen flash and not clear all the time, do you still have any mood to watch it for a long time? Of course not, you must disturb about it. In some way, the unsettle voltage will damage the machine when you are using it for a long time. And in other way, Voltage regulator is also very essential for high technology and precision equipment, because these devices have a high demand on the stable voltage.

•Generally, the most comment used input voltage range is from 140v to 260v. We also can produce different range of input voltage. Such like 120v to 260v, or 100v to 260v. But the price of them are different. Wide range with high cost.

Post time: Oct-27-2022