Why we produce 7-stage car battery charger?

As you know, nowadays, the development of batteries are become faster and faster, and quality of battery are also higher. so the prices of the batteries are certainly increased more and more. That is to say, the cost of a battery is higher than the cost of a charger. If a charger can not charge a battery in a suitable way, the charger will generally damage the batteries. It is not a wise choice to cost more to buy a new battery and make it damage again and again. By this time, A charger with maintenance and protection function is needed. So we have developed such a battery charger with 7-stage and 8-stage charging mode, which can protect your battery out of damage when charging and fix and prolong the life of your battery.
What is the 7-stage?
The first stage is Desulphation, the second stage is soft start, the third stage is bulk, the forth stage is absorption, the fifth stage is battery test, the sixth stage is recondition and the final stage, seventh stage is float. Almost every stage has maintenance function and the battery charger will automatically check the voltage and current inside the battery. So it wont over charge your battery and charge the battery step by step without damage.

Post time: Nov-21-2022